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Flat Roof and Balcony Waterproofing 

Flat roof and Balcony waterproofing are some of the more challenging and technically demanding areas requiring waterproofing. Subject to some of the highest stresses with high temperatures in summer, low temperatures in winter, they also bear the brunt of winds and rain immersion.

Choosing a complete and capable membrane system is essential to preventing significant remedial costs from insufficient and unsuitable structural waterproofing.

Working with manufacturing leaders in membrane technology we offer Heat Welded and Cold Welded sheet membrane systems. In some circumstances liquids may be suitable.

With architects and engineers now rapidly changing guided specifications to sheet membranes due to their unparalleled performance we have continued to upskill and deliver in these high demand areas.

Aquaseal Waterproofing Systems are accredited Ardex Butynol Installers working with WPM 750 Heat Welded and 1.5mm Sheet Rubber installations for Green Roofs, Flat Roofs, Balconies Plantars and more. We also install Projex Cosmofin welded PVC membrane, a highly versatile heat welded sheet. Cosmofin is also suited to install as a decoupling membrane and can be overlaid on a leaking balcony in a repair or remedial situation.

Correct and thorough building standards are imperative for preventing leaks, Aquaseal Waterproofing Systems continually strives to stay a step ahead, we actively re-educate as standards change and as new methods of water-protection are developed. We attend seminars furthering our knowledge of structural design in attempt to find new solutions to long term waterproofing challenges.

With proven experience in many technical projects in both new and remedial construction where the necessary planning and implementation of our systems has been in collaboration with leading leak analysis teams, engineers and architects. Our priority is to build upon the foundation of knowledge of leading professionals and create long term solutions for our clients.

Green Roof Waterproofing

Aquaseal Waterproofing Systems are recognizing the new demands in construction for innovative and progressive building design incorporating living wall and roof systems into building design to offset heat island effect in our city and to provide a natural filtration system for pollution. Green roofing presents significant design and structural demands upon waterproofing applicators and architects in order to provide long term sustainable waterproofing plans and installations.

Aquaseal has been involved in the waterproofing of several horizontal green roof systems and continues to research into the demands and methodology behind installing such waterproofing to create long term and manageable living roofs.

Remedial Waterproofing

The statistics on water ingress problems show the extent of the issues involved in the construction industry in Victoria.  Low enforcement of regulations and the current level of the Australian Standards in relation to waterproofing point out several areas in need of amendment.  As about 60% of our work is in relation to leaking and water ingress problems we have become highly specialized in the requirements involved in repairing and preventing ongoing issues.  We have developed a number of ways of repairing and re-installing structural waterproofing and then re-installing decorative finishes.  Fully backed up by warranties and fully insured we have the necessary professional contacts to ensure all parts of the project are managed to the highest standards.  Collaborating with structural engineers, leak detection analysis, builders and tilers we can deliver within time frames heavy duty functional solutions to sometimes complex problems.

Basement Waterproofing and Below Grade Structures.

Basement waterproofing can experience some of the highest water-pressures in the structure. It has to be done right. From the beginning Aquaseal Waterproofing have been delivering on time solutions to basements on either positive or hydrostatic/negative installations. Experienced in drainage and the systematic approach to the construction of these areas we constantly liase with our builders to increase the security and function of watertight structural walls in basements. Working with some of Melbournes top building companies we have been exposed to wide circumstances in which to adapt and develop solutions for.

Cetco Voltex Sheet Bentonite installations and sheet membranes are our preferred materials though we are highly versed in spray and roller applied bitumen, spray applied epoxy, solvent PU and more.

We also complete slab, pool and lift pit waterproofing.

Bathrooms, Ensuites and Internal Area Waterproofing

At Aquaseal Waterproofing we are well versed in the ins and outs of bathroom and internal wet area waterproofing.  We provide sheet and liquid composite systems and full liquid reinforced waterproofing.

It is our recommendation that both under-screed and over-screed waterproofing is carried out.  Internal spaces and finishes are highly vulnerable to water-leaks and very expensive to fix!  We don’t cut corners.  The cost to spend in the initial stages getting these areas right far outweighs possible remedial costs down the track.