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Prevent water damage in your home, waterproofing is the cheapest insurance you will ever buy for your most valuable asset. We provide waterproofing solutions for:

  • Bathrooms - Hybrid Sheet Membrane and Liquid Membranes.
  • Balconies - Premium Butynol Sheet Membrane Systems and Liquid Membranes.
  • Laundries, Kitchen Areas, Toilets and Other Wet Areas.
  • Basement Membranes- Positive and Negative Sealing, Silicone Injection.
  • Flat Roofs and Architectural Systems.
  • Swimming Pools, Ponds and Tanks.

Because we specialize in a range of systems from high end performance sheet membranes to standard liquid mebranes we can offer a solution to suit everyone - without ever compromising on the highest standards of quality.

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